LC Jordan Shattered 1s

  • Please comment and let me know if these are authentic. Please reply if you are 100% sure and have a authentic pair.

    thanks a lot!

    3_1473222679893_IMG_1183.JPG 2_1473222679893_IMG_1182.JPG 1_1473222679892_IMG_1181.JPG 0_1473222679892_IMG_1180.JPG

  • Can someone please give me a legit check? Anyone that has a pair that can help me out.


  • I honestly can't tell if these are legit and authentic without holding it in hand. Moving forward, get your pairs on the GOAT app. When you place a purchase, the seller ships the shoes to the company first. GOAT professionally and carefully examines each pair and authenticates all sneakers first before sending them out to you and processing payment. If the shoes are fake, they give you a full refund and the seller gets banned from selling on GOAT again. I buy my shoes off GOAT. It's a lot safer than Craig's List or eBay. Prices aren't too bad either.

  • @hj93

    can someone legit check, please

    preciate it

  • Admin


  • thanks for the legit check, just been a little skeptical of the "air jordan" logo located on the side above the nike check. What are some signs I need to check to determine a fake pair?

    I appreciate the reply! Thanks.

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