Jameson Ward Premium Sneaker Cleaner Developed by a 15 Year Old SneakerHead

  • My name is Jameson Ward I am 15 years old and I developed a new sneaker cleaner for SneakerHeads called “Jameson Ward Premium Shoe Cleaner”. It hit the market and doing pretty good. It comes in a 8oz and 16oz spray bottles. Check out my Facebook page “Jameson Ward Premium Shoe Cleaner”. I have been cleaning my SneakerHead friends sneakers since I was 13. I wanted to create a sneaker cleaner that was for the average kid who wanted to keep his kicks looking like new. The product is 99% natural and safe for the environment, plus I decided to give some of my proceeds back to the kids. I am calling it “kid helping kids”. As a young entrepreneur I have been to Sneaker Con in Chicago, Miami and most recently in LA. I realized at these shows that there are so many average kids that just want clean there kicks and don’t want to break the bank to do it. Check out out my Facebook Page and website.

    Facebook – Jameson Ward Premium Shoe Cleaner
    Web – www.jamesonward.com


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