Can this be fixed on my restoration?

  • I have some OG 1990 Grape 5's that I recently purchased to do a restoration. I got them for a low price so I didn't do much research before hand. I was wondering can the upper material be fixed somehow. It's cracking, and pealing off pretty badly.1_1467157175228_image.jpeg 0_1467157175228_image.jpeg

  • im not sure but you should check out retrosnickers on youtube he has full restoration vids maybe you find something there good luck bruhh

  • I have seen guys cut the uppers off of another shoe with an exacto knife and re-glue it on but it is really difficult and time consuming. It really depends on how much time and money you want to sped on restoring them.

  • you might have to reglue that man not too sure check youtube

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