Still Love in the MarketPlace?

  • Still Love in the MarketPlace?

    I remember when the solecollector marketplace was the go to spot to get your sneaker sales off..this was 5-7 years ago. Now I go back and still see sneakers for sale that were there many months ago? Do you guys know any other sneaker outlets that are good to get some sneaker sales ? I know the probable go to would be eBay ? But any others ? Kind of miss getting low balled on here lol, nowadays you don't even get an offer ...hope all of you are doing well ...

  • I made a account on here a year or two ago and after a few days I lost interest in it. Just recently I figured I'd check it out again and I don't see much interest at all from others as far as being involved in the forums and sales. Pretty disappointing as a new user. Maybe I'm missing something or maybe

  • I'm replying to all these forums because they said I didn't participate enough in the site for me to sell, but now you're saying people aren't copping the kicks off here as often? Lol. Nah, I'm still going to give it a try.

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    THis is a fact it was booming!

  • Yea man it was lovely back in the day not so much now . Hopefully it would be livened up. I remember when I was introduced to this site first thing I was told was "don't tell ANYBODY about the site" I didn't end up telling my best friend about the site until maybe a year later ... Maybe that was the problem

  • Definite that there is still love. #BringBackSeattle feel free to reply with the love of your cities on my post.

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