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  • Hey what's going on solecollector peeps I have just made a group with a couple of friends called sneaker legacy and it's for people all over the World and wanted to post on here because I've been on solecollector for years and know there is a lot of legit people in here and that's what we need. Here's a little something about us below...

    Here is the link to the group


    About us: Created by a group of friends who truly love sneakers just like each and everyone of you. Sneaker Legacy is for the avid sneaker head who simply wants to buy, sell and trade sneakers world wide! All post will be monitored to ensure the quality of the group, because.... it's not only my group but yours as well. As the group continues to grow we will need to find more admins, so all help keeping the group rules followed is greatly appreciated.

    We would love for you to share our group with friends and family. FOR EVERY 1,000 MEMBERS WE GAIN, A PAIR OF SNEAKERS WILL BE RAFFLED OF FOR FREE using the Hang W/ app.

  • Btw we are at 530 members we are doing a free shoe giveaway live random numbers once we reach 1000 members

  • @SpartanDawg alright just approved you

    Btw we are at 991 members only 9 more members till our free raffle !

    Also we are doing a raffle for fear 5s size 10 later this week won't wanna miss out !

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