Help with Roshue Run Customs ( with pictures )

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    Hey so im trying to customize my size 11.5 Roshue Run's. The process I've gone through is applying see through tape to the front area that im trying to apply the fabric to. then using a pen to stencil out the outline of the front toebox that I will be covering with the ![fabric. Then peeling the tape off, cutting out the stencil that i have outlined. Now the issue I'm running into is that when I LAY the stencil that I've cut out ON the fabric to attempt to begin to cut out the fabric outline. Is that the stencil will not lay flat enough to cut the correct dimensions of the fabric out. There is always a little LIP of fabric that will not lay flat and basically want's to fold over itself to attempt to lay flat. I hope this makes sense and someone may be able to help me with this. thanks alot guys!

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