New to shoes please help

  • Can someone please explain the footlocker ticket system to me? Like can the workers enter their self in the they rig it for their friends?

    And can someone explain limited release sneakers to me and like what shoes are gonna sell out...

    An example are the new yellow foams gonna sell out, are the Olympic foams gonna sell out, and in general of upcoming shoes with will sell out?

  • bruh awesome that ya want to know this first of all I was born in seattle so i am into the sneaker game sadly i moved when i was little to europe so i was never able to experience footlocker ticket system myself. easy said everyone in line gets a ticket so they cant buy more than allowed so ppl dont resell still happens tho. im not sure if people cheat with tthe tickets but some people get a lot of yeezys while you can only buy one so im pretty sure sometimes they give tickets to friends even tho its not allowed. shoes that will sell out are mostly the most popular ones like foams and jordan retro also shoes that havent been released since a couple years like th emetallic fives coming out in july. you just need to do some research about the shoe and youll find enough. also you can watch youtubers like richie le and sneakerhead in the bay or bull1trc theyll talk about new releases good luck fam

  • ticket system is a horrible way to get shoes, just go on ebay or craiglist

  • My favorite

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