New to shoes, please help, raffle system ect...

  • Can someone please explain the footlocker ticket system to me? Like can the workers enter their self in the they rig it for their friends?

    And can someone explain limited release sneakers to me and like what shoes are gonna sell out...

    An example are the new yellow foams gonna sell out, are the Olympic foams gonna sell out, and in general of upcoming shoes with will sell out?

  • really interested in this too

  • It's supposed to be arbitrary, but when you have people at local shoe stores in charge of the raffle it's possible they'll set a pair aside for someone they know.

    The whole system is ridiculous; you go to the store at a specific time just to get a raffle to be included in the drawing. That means you are not guaranteed a pair of sneakers after waiting to get your raffle ticket. What's worse are resellers that stand in line for that same ticket just to triple the price on eBay afterwards.

    Good luck!

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