Adidas Yeezy Boost Low 350

  • I got these as a gift from my ex, are they legit? Yeezy 350 Boost + Yeezy socks

    7_1465878631839_yzy1.jpg 6_1465878631838_yzy2.jpg 5_1465878631837_yzy3.jpg 4_1465878631837_yzy4.jpg 3_1465878631837_yzy5.jpg 2_1465878631836_yzy6.jpg 1_1465878631836_yzy7.jpg 0_1465878631835_yzy8.jpg

  • Defo fake

  • Why do you think they're fake? I honestly don't know anything about sneakers so I'm curious how to spot fakes.

    I googled how to spot fakes and these pass the tests.

    9 red lines in the grab box on the rear tab
    7 floral designs in the white undersoles
    wave patter in the right direction
    stitching all the way to the toe

    What am I missing here

  • Yeezy socks

  • Heey

    1. When u buy Yeezy - they dont come in an Adidas plastic bag. The paper in the bag has be white/beige

    2. The case is fake .
      Because the shoe size figures are not the right. Theres has too be a line under (if know what i mean)

    3. There is a square. and in the that square there must be 5 on the inside and 5 on the outside.

    And i know that - because i have real Yeezy's.
    And in denmark i help people too buy the real deal.
    But many off the fakes are very close too the real.

    Best Regards Mads

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