I have gained an interest in sneakers and Jordans, I would like advice on sneakers in general.

  • I have a pair of KD8 Black History Months in nds but would like to know more about Jordan particularly the 1,3,4,6,11,12, and 14. I would also like to know how everybody on solecollector makes money for their kicks.

  • what do you want to know about the jordans? lol and I get my money by working. a lot of people resell kicks to buy more kicks or just like to resell kicks in general to stack their cash. but dont let me knock your hustle. lol

  • 1s are the classic and you can find a lot of them for pretty cheap so thats a good place to start. 3s are really nice and a lot of peoples favorites. They are also the first jordan with the elephant print, but they tend to be very expensive. 4s are great shoes that, if taken care of, will last forever. There are a lot of 4s this year and even some over looked ones like the dunk from above 4s. 6s are one of my personal least favorite because of the way the tongue looks. 11s are the GOATS in most people's eyes and I can see why. Classic styling whether low or hi. Will almost always sell out quickly and are always expensive. 12s are my personal favorite and were modeled after an 18th or 19th (cant ever remember exactly which) century womens dress shoe. Will sell out but are very durable. Some places to start are letterman 1s, hare 1s, true blue 3s, cement 3s, white cement 4s, columbia 4s, maroon 6s, bred 11s, flu game 12s, and taxi 12s

  • theres alot of nice books out there with amazing info, you also have the internet..........

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