HYPEBEAST Website Exposed

  • Hey guys,

    So I started a sneaker youtube channel with my brother Kany called, GOODCOP/BADCOP, in February of this year. I came up with a concept that was very unique when compared to the other sneaker channels. After constantly uploading videos and posting them on different online sources (i.e., Hypebeast) we gained traction. Within a very short time some of the bigger sneaker guys on youtube began to notice (EddieWin, SneakerheadInTheBay, QiasOmar, etc..). With that being said, this awesome thing happend... Hypebeast ripped off my channel. Pretty cool right?

    Here is a video we posted from March 3, 2016

    Here is a video Hypebeast posted on May 30, 2016 introducing their "new segment" called...wait for it..., "GoodCop/BadDrop"... LOL.

    See for yourself if we got ripped off or not. One may say that our channel similarity is just a coincidence, but I think not. If you notice, GoodCop/BadDrop copies the tone in which we give our opinions at the end of each video, word for word ("what's the verdict?"). But hey, maybe thats just a coincidence too. One good thing about all of this is, I saw the amount of loyalty my subscribers had for our channel. My subscribers were the first ones to expose Hypebeast by slandering their originality in a series of comments.

    Our response to our subscribers concerns generated a response from Hypebeast themselves.

    0_1465255898323_Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.30.26 PM.png

    Real cute huh? A common case of a larger media conglomerate with no originality, snubbing the underdog, just because they can. Instead of replying to Hypebeast or staying silent, I thought I would share how Hypbeast ripped GOODCOP/BADCOP.


    Michel Frois Rodrigues
    Creatives Strategist | Head of Video Content
    GOODCOP/BADCOP U.S. | Boston Ltd.

  • @meechfrois man I'm sorry to hear that... That sucks I will check out your channel tho 😎

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