Lakers off-season thread.

  • Now fhat Kobe has retired a new era of Laker basketball starts. We have the #2 pick in the draft & the most cap space of any team in the league. We have a new coach (I'm not to big of a fan of) & we're still awaiting Jim Buss' termination.
    Any & everything Lakers post it here.

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    Kevin Durant has potential to come to LA.

    Good portion of free agents out there, Hassan Whiteside, Mike Conley, Al Horford, Ryan Anderson, Joakim Noah, even Rajon Rondo, all unrestricted FAs.

    On top of all that, some potential trades. Lakers are notorious (For other teams) to make big moves.

  • We got Ingram & there's talk about Russell being traded for Okafor. Great night so far. Can only get better. Now we just need to see what moves are made with Free Agents.

  • Luke as the head coach makes me a bit uncomfortable as he has potential as a young coach to either make or break this team we call the lakers . We need a solid 4 and God willingly we acquire Kevin Durant " ohmahgawd ".

  • Lakers going to have to depend on the youngin's for sometime. Total descent from the A table to B table, if that. Kinda sad to see.

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    "Kevin Durant has potential to come to LA."


    Luol Deng basically the same player though.

  • lakers are looking good drafted larry nance JR

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    lakers are my favorite team

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