• Kovalev won that....

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    Either was a draw or a Kovalev win even though Ward kinda figured him out late in the rounds and gassed him out imo. Hopefully there's a rematch cause we know Canelo-GGG, MayPac 2 are gonna take their sweet times.

    Very surprised. That Ward reaction tells all lol

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    I gotta re-watch.

    I thought Kovalev probably won by virtue of that knockdown. Ward controlled a large portion of that fight and Lederman was tricking fans with his bullshit scoring. Scoring suggests that Ward won EVERY close round, which is always a hard argument to make.

    Either way, Ward figured him out and I can't wait for Part II.

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    Missed the first three rounds, so I can't even score it properly. Boxing undercards are so bad, HBO should've hit up NXT and asked if they could use NXT Toronto as the undercard lol.

    Major consensus seems to be a rematch is needed.

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    Kov won 1,2, 4, 10 round plus the knockdown so I gave him 5 rounds basically points wise. Imo Ward won 7-5 on points. Could have been a draw, but imo Kov faded after the 5th.

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    @Radiohead369 I disagree, but one thing was clear you picking Kovalev by beating Ward to death was far from the case. Ward being the smaller fighter and handling Kovalev power for most part made me rate Kovalev lower after the fight. I didn't see Kovalev do much other than jab a smaller fighter. Kovalev got tired and had all of the advantages, but still didn't clearly seperate himself from Ward.

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    After rewatching it I saw a much closer fight, scoring it 6-6. Kovalev winning for the extra point by the knockdown.

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    To me Rigo, Loma, Crawford are on a different level right now.

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