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  • Hello everyone,

    I am posting this because I was just watching a video on YouTube comparing Authentic Retail Air Jordan French Blue XII vs. Early Release/Fake pair from sneakerfiles.com. After watching the video and comparing my pair that came from NIKE through the SNKRS app I was shocked to see that my pair matched more to the Fake pair and since I ordered these on release day from my SNKRS app and it came from NIKE there is no way these are FAKE. The only difference vs the fake that I visible saw was the box which matched with his authentic box in this video.

    Here is the link to the video:

    I suspect that if more comparisons are made with Authentic Retail pairs we will see more pairs looking different and it kind of makes sense because I don't believe all the sneakers are all made by full automation and there is a human involvement in it. But the stitching on the video vs their authentic seemed like a big difference and the stitching on my pair complete matches the fake, also the heel tab on my pair is very very low.

    So I guess here are some questions.

    Is it possible I received a fake pair from NIKE? Could an employee inside NIKE's warehouse swap out an early release pair and took the retail pair? I do not know what their security is like.

    Will NIKE authenticate for me?
    I am verified through their order system in buying it from them.

    Perhaps these comparisons being made are inaccurate and the community needs to dive deeper into multi pair comparisons.

    I am now very skeptical when watching some of these fake video comparisons because they may be wrong and I might be missing a deal on some shoes due to me thinking a pair was fake when it wasn't

    Opinions? Thoughts, Comments.

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    The discussion isn't whether or Nike could be selling fakes or "fake authenticators".

    The real discussion is, is it worth buying authentics because fakes are so good now. I see fakes selling at the same retail price as authentics. Your options are fight bots and everyone else around the world for sneaker drops or just hit a fake site.

  • I understand what you are saying but I believe there are plenty of people out there who will disapprove/disagree because there are plenty of re-sellers out there that are legit that can be screwed out of their reputation including myself who on occasion re-sell some sneakers. People can buy all the fakes they want (though it is illegal), but they should never try and sell them off as authentic, but as we know they do. This is something I strongly feel is the near future will help KILL THE GAME.

    I verified with a friend of mine who was also able to pick up a pair from Nike through the SNKRS App and had him watch the video and his pair also matches the "Fake" pair. Especially where the authenticator in the video (around 2:45) was talking about the stitching by the toebox/laces since it looks very clear and both ours are more similar to the fakes and the only slight difference I can see from video compared to my pair is the stitching actually looks thicker than the fakes in the video and my authentic pairs stitching seems thicker. Also the back heel tab on mine or way lower than both pairs in the video.

    I am confident no one at Nike swapped out my pair for fakes as my friends pair is identical also from the same place.

    So how or can we trust the people doing these videos?

    I enjoy watching these videos to make sure I personally do not get scammed when purchasing from sites outside of Nike or their contracted outlets and I hope people continue to do these videos, but someone needs to set a standard in authenticating and only NIKE knows their product to a T.

    Let's say I now decide to sell some of my sneakers and people watch these videos and start telling me they are fake when I know they are not, yes their loss but my loss also and I am screwed and a lot of collectors can fall into this problem.

    I'm not angry right now because I'm wearing them, but if I sold them and people get confused due to some
    misinformation I would be a little ticked off.

    I think NIKE should start doing their own videos to help authenticate product since they are charging a premium and should help protect the consumers and their contracted retailers. Maybe they can put a hidden code for their factories they use to make the kicks and stick it on the barcode or somewhere in the sneaker and if bootlegs start popping up and match the code of a particular factory they can identify where the bootlegs are coming from.

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