Consultation about purchase of new basketball shoes

  • Hey ,
    I am 32 years old, play streerball 3x3 once a week and wanted to consult about buying shoes.this days I play with Nike and I'm satisfied.
    I read that there are two types of basketball shoes; indoor shoes (for inside court) and outdoor (outside-at street).
    I saw that most models Nike's site for indoor only 3 are for outdoor- it for my own use, of course.
    How important it is to buy shoes suitable for outdoor conditions? Do you have a specific recommendation for shoes (I am 12.5 size )?

  • @odedidush I believe you'd be good with whichever shoe you prefer. Although traction and endurance is quite important when it comes to purchasing a shoe for performance, it's an inconsistent variable to go with when it comes to deciding on a purchase for outdoor basketball.

    However, good features to have are light weighted, mid / high ankle support, and hard toe covers.

    Hope this helps you on your future purchase decisions.

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