2XL & Up

  • What's up guys. I've been on Solecollecter since way back. I've been collecting soles even longer.

    I haven't seen a topic for the big boys so I decided to make one. Post links, pics, suggestions, etc for guys that are 2XL and up.

    Personally, my reasoning behind posting this topic is because I'm looking for ELONGATED TEES bigger than XL. I know they are out there because I've seen dudes bigger than me wearing them. Anyone have any suggestions/ideas?

  • Hi,

    My uncle had the same problem with finding long tees, he is a 3XL and over 6ft and was fed up with big tees being more of a square shape when it comes to sizes 2XL and above.
    But for his last birthday I bought him a Pink dolphin tee not even thinking about the length or anything i just picked a 4XL thinking if its bigger it would be longer. As soon as he got it he was over the moon, he said its perfect and its what he's been looking for for ages as the length is longer than regular tee's.

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