Kobe Bryant Appreciation Thread - Farewell To One of The Greatest Players of All Time

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    Going to miss one of the best NBA players of all time. I remember being a Kings fan in my early young years back in 2001-2002. They were a squad at the time, with my favorite Mike Bibby, Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Peja, Doug Christie, Hedo Turkoglu, Bobby Jackson, and they had a brief rivalry with the Lakers consisting of Kobe, Shaq, Fox, George Devean, Fisher, Horry, etc.

    The Western Conference Finals was one of the most nerve wrecking series I ever saw that year, especially Game 6, where I really thought the Kings would have won and defeated the Lakers to go ahead and defeat the easier Nets and win a Championship. But everyone knew what happened, Horry's last game winning shot. Kobe had 31 points and Shaq had 41 points, both men played 44 minutes.

    It was at that point, I realized, Lakers were good. Shaq is a great player, and Kobe is a remarkable player. I used to hate the Lakers but after their 3-peat, I gave them their due. I gave a lot of praise to Kobe. I supported Kobe and the Lakers even on their losing years until Pau Gasol showed up. You can tell throughout the years Kobe evolved. He went from mostly a driver and a dunker, and grew to a good shooter who can create his own shot, even from far away. He also grew to become a leader. I was happy they got to win the Championship twice in a row, but I really wanted Kobe to win a 6th championship, to tie Jordan's though.

    People said Kobe was the next Jordan, but I say Kobe was the next Kobe. Like the man or not, you cannot help but put Kobe in the top greatest NBA players of all time list. We probably won't see another player like Kobe.

    Farewell Champ!

  • Kobe is the man! I He is my favorite player of all time. I grew up watching him since the Kobe Shaq era. I hate to see him leave the game. But life goes on. I am glad he ended his very last game with a bang! 60 points and a victory, wow! I was not expecting that. I thought Kobe was only going to score 50 points and the Lakers were going to lose. Boy did Kobe shock me. I had the biggest smile on my face after that game. Farewell.

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    Which Kobe fan won let alone bid on this? I like Kobe but DAMN!

  • I too was a Kings fan, then a Suns fan. He hit us heavy. That last game was storybook. Very similar to how Jeter went out.

  • When its all said and done they try to compare lebron to kobe and jordan will still remain at the top of the mountain

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