Legit Check one Flyknit Multicolor

  • Hello,

    I have this pair of flyknit. The seller said it was from Nike Asia. In the last picture there is a sticker with some chinese text but I don't know to read it. What do you guys think ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Eugen11_1460626520852_IMG_2289.JPG 10_1460626520852_IMG_2288.JPG 9_1460626520852_IMG_2287.JPG 8_1460626520851_IMG_2286.JPG 7_1460626520851_IMG_2283.JPG 6_1460626520851_IMG_2282.JPG 5_1460626520850_IMG_2281.JPG 4_1460626520850_IMG_2280.JPG 3_1460626520850_IMG_2279.JPG 2_1460626520850_IMG_2278.JPG 1_1460626520843_IMG_2277.JPG 0_1460626520842_IMG_2276.JPG

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