Jordan 4 Fire Red Retro 2012 Paint chipping like paper?

  • Hey guys,
    I've rececntly got a pair of 2012 retro fire red 4s and wore them today. After getting back home, I noticed that the paint on the midsoles were chipping like crazy. They looked like they were like paper pasted onto the midsole or something.

    I have the images here:

    Can someone give me some insights on what happened or if these are fakes or something.


  • I think majority of Jordan 3's and 4's will chip. I look at all the pairs I've worn and they all have cracked, the only pair I had a similar experience to your chipping was my true blue 3's. As years of collecting has gone by and looking at kicks I've purchased from different locations, on top of age and the way they were stored, I think weather also has something to do with the ways sneakers yellow, chip and crumble. Did you buy those sneakers from someone in a tropical zone like Florida? I've noticed sneakers I've purchased from locations with weather similar to/and from Florida tend to yellow or breakdown quicker.

    Bottom line, there could be many factors causing the problem but it's a fairly easy fix.

    A little light sanding, some preparer and some acrylic paint from Angelus.

    Good luck.

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