Eminem Air Jordan 4 Marshall Mathers LP 2015 Carhartt

  • Has anyone gotten a pair of these or posted any detailed pictures from their pickup? I have seen the sole collector images but wasn't sure if anyone was able to grab a pair. Were they auction only?

  • I pretty sure they were auctioned off on ebay.

  • Yea, I saw that but also read that more than 10 pairs were made. I have a family member who was overseas for work for 2 months a while back and brought back a pair as a gift. Said he had to spend a lot of money but wouldn't go into detail. I have plenty of 4's and other Jordans and have seen "fake" pairs before. These do not, in any way, look to be fake at all but who knows. I have compared to all pics online, if they are not legit, then whoever made them must have had all of the same everything or walked out with a pair because I see nothing wrong with them. Didn't want to post in this tread since it seems like all posts get deleted if not in the proper area, if I Can post here let me know.

  • Yes awesome

  • The only place I've seen them is on eBay.

  • There fresh, download the Nike app and you can view them there.. Although the draw is closed you can still see the best pictures of them there

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