Sneaker Convention/Event Etiquette and how to conduct yourself as Consumer and Seller

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    Heat Sole Summit in Arizona was great this weekend but there were a lot things going on from consumers and sellers that need to be addressed. Check out our Sneaker Convention Etiquette area on our website


    • A sneaker convention is not a large retail shop! It’s basically a consignment shop. Never go in assuming you’re going to find super deals or even retail.

    • Know your personal finances! If you know you only have Kobe sneaker money, don’t walk around touching everyone’s yeezys asking, “How Much?”

    • Respect everyone’s table! You will run into a lot of “don’t touch the shoes,” signs at tables but typically the seller doesn’t care, if you do it respectfully. Don’t be passing it around to the homies and examining it as if you question the authenticity.

    • Don’t be walking around loud talking rumors. I’ve literally heard people having discussions about sellers at convention. If you have something against that seller then just stay away from their table.

    • Stop with the 21 questions! One of the most annoying things for a seller is to be asked a million questions about a product and be asked, “You gone be here all day?” “Cool, if you still have them before I leave I will cop.”

    *99.9% of the sellers have all their product on their tables, unless otherwise noted. Don’t be that guy who sees only a size 10 on the table and be like “Damn, if that was a 11, I would have copped quick.”

    • When you stand at a table for like 10 minutes scanning all the products and asking all these questions, when you walk away say “Thanks”, “Thank you”, “Appreciate it.”

    • If you are at a convention that is super packed with people, don’t hold up the movement trying to have long conversations with sellers or friends you came with. There are usually areas to post up at…find one.

    • An aspect of the sneaker culture that is often forgotten is how valuable a “follow” is on social, it’s almost currency. Have your phone readily available and in a note pad app or whatever take down all the sellers social media information and follow all of them later on. You don’t have to open twitter and try and find them, then and there. Take the info and proceed. (SEE. Seller section)

    • A sneaker convention is for all but…if you have to many little kids and the location isn’t very large find a babysitter. Sometimes there are way to many strollers at these type of events. There is just not enough room sometimes.

    • Sellers are really cool for the most part. If you purchase something ask the seller to hold it at their table until you’re ready to leave. That way you’re not walking around holding shoes the entire time and can enjoy the event.

    • And this is with no disrespect but if you’re in a wheelchair please be aware of the layout. The areas that were the most difficult to navigate try to avoid them. Don’t end up on those area 30 times that day.

    • Buy something even as small as a t-shirt or key chain don’t walk out empty handed remember you paid to get in.

    ****Please pay really close attention to these next 3hree:

    • If you see a sneaker that is deadstock and currently sold out everywhere and a seller is asking for retail price at a convention, DO NOT TRY AND HAGGLE. Its mad corny and if you really want a sneaker retail is a blessing.

    • Don’t ever, ever, ever go to a sellers table and tell them you you seen them cheaper elsewhere. That statement could be quickly followed with a “Well then get the f*ck out of here.”

    • Come with money! Don’t come with a pair of shoes you’re trying to sell first in order to be able to buy something there, but if you do this please at least have something really good to sell

    Seller: this includes the consumers walking around with product in hand, duffle bags, carts etc

    •You know the type of consumer that is coming through, and we understand the work and money that goes into setting up a table and hauling in all that product but please don’t have a bad attitude because someone is not buying your product. Just tell them to follow you on all social media platforms and look for your products later on.

    •If you are selling pre-owned product have some decency to clean them joints off before you bring them. It makes them look better and more attractive to sell. Some people already have adverse feelings of buying pre-owned, don’t have them buy product that is dirty.

    •Before hauling a ton of sneakers to a convention really look at the product you have any really think if this will sell. If you’ve had it on eBay, craigslist, social media etc. for a long time now, save yourself the hassle and leave it at home. Odds are it wont sell there.

    •If you are a seller that is carrying you products in hand, duffle bags or some sort of cart please be respectful of the regular consumers and sellers with tables. We always see plenty of duffle bags knocking over people displays, shoes and clothing. Be aware of you surroundings. Also really look at the product you would like to sell and really think if you will be able to sell it because nothing sucks more than walking around the entire event with your products in your hand.

    •If you are selling a brand of clothing you designed and really want to push it…ACTUALLY BE WEARING IT!!!! If a buyer was smart they would never buy a local designers clothing, if the designer is wearing Nike from head to toe. ◦Be reasonably priced.

    • Your local design prices should never make a buyer debate whether they should buy your shirt or go to Macy’s later and buy a Ralph Lauren Polo.

    ◦If your designs are made on Gilden or Hanes t-shirts –Take that tag off. It takes away from the work you put in.

    ◦Please be aware of the trends it will help you sell product. Put your designs on items that fit the current climate of clothing.

    ◦Also remember have a vision with your product, just a group of homies got together and threw a drawing on a shirt is always easy to spot.

    •Have your social media accounts and hashtags visible to see and always let the consumer know to follow you even if you’re not a store.

    •If you are a seller and you don’t take any form of electronic payment, slap yourself in the teeth. This is 2016.

    •If a GR (General Release) sneaker that dropped the same weekend as the convention, don’t bring that joint trying to get top dollar just yet. It’s tacky, especially with all the restocks.

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