A likely worn Yeezy 350

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    I bought them from eBay for 700 euros and found they are worn. But the seller admitted he wore the shoes one time at home and were willing to give me refund if I send them back. Then he changed his statement and claimed they are brand new and have no problem. I asked Paypal to intervene this issue. Paypal need document from unbiased third-party to continue their investigation.“This document should detail the extend of the damage or clearly explain how the item received significantly differs from the item advertised. ”I'' be grateful if you can help me. Thank you.

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    @Weiguo go through eBay dispute. You'll most likely win based off they eBay buyer guarantees. They are much more stricter when it comes to "item less than received" transactions.

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  • @MJO23DAN Thank you

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