Jordan 11 midsole separation

  • My 2000 Jordan 11 Space Jams are starting to separate the midsole from the shoe and I don't know if I should reglue it or not. If one part is separating then the rest most likely will so should I let the whole thing separate or reglue the small spot.

  • Nah men.. don't reglue.. such a nice shoe.. You'd better bring those to a shoe cleaner. 9 out of 10 times they can repair it..

  • Yeah I got the same problem with some 2000 Concords. Minor sole separation on some of the midsole to the upper but not sure if I should take off the whole midsole and just reglue (I'm pretty lazy).

  • Admin

    You're better off removing the sole and apply fresh glue so separation in other areas doesn't occur later.

  • @MJO23DAN Way ahead of you


  • I have a question that maybe someone here might know. I recently wore my pair of DS 2000 Concords and the midsole separated. Well I thought right away barge glue to fix, but I notices the sneaker leaking a powdery substance. Decided to remove the midsole for complete reglue and I saw the air unit completely crumbled.

    My question, are the Jordan Future Air units the same? If so i am going to take that air unit as the concords hold more value to me.

  • Admin

    @kingp321 I believe that should work though I'm unsure if the thickness of the Future air sole is correct. Take pics once you remove them and report back.

  • Before I destroy an almost new pair of futures I was hoping to see if anyone has already done this or if anyone knows where I can purchase the air unit. MJO we are the same size, got any spares? I'm going to message you my cell if you want to chat.

  • I have never seen anybody try this

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