coincidence? or good marketing strategy? hmm

  • we all like a good pair of jordans, theres no denying that the over all feel of the sneaker is godly when worn. but theres a new monster out there and its name is adidas. adidas is no doubt on the come up i mean back in 2010 you hardly saw anyone rock a pair of adidas let alone mention the name without saying "all day i dream about sex," but here we are six years later and thats all changed.

    the anticipation for the air jordan 12 'wings' concept is heavy, something about that little touch of gold makes me jizz a little and with only 12,000 pairs in circulation i cant help but reach for the tissues and go to town.

    • but here we have the adidas ultra boost black/gold sample thats set to release soon. see the similarities there? or am i trippin' hella hard off a ten strip? i cant even hate because i would like for the shoes to come out. shit i might just get both and write a compare and contrast paper like im back in high school getting random desk boners. i dont know we'll see. share your thoughts about them on here. dont be a dry puss.
      0_1459227984268_Air-Jordan-12-Wings-1-2.jpg 0_1459228010932_adidas-ultra-boost-samples-03_o2yu4e.png

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