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  • Hi Guys, please pardon my naivete, but I'm an old dad who bought his son a pair of sneakers that he already has. I read that the marketplace is the place to sell them, but I slso just found out I have to wait 90 days. Is this stsndard? At my age I fear I'll have forgotten why I even joined this site. Thank you in advance for your feedback and help.
    PS: the shoes are Air Jordan 1 retro high OG size 15 in bkack/white. They are in the box and are brand new. How do I price them? Thank you all.

  • Admin

    To sell it's 90 days and 50 posts from your registration date. To buy shoes or post a wanted ad there is no wait time. It's been like this for several years.

    If you're looking for a price check on your shoes, our friends at should help.

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