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  • On This Episode of GoodCop BadCop the brothers from Boston Discuss the AIR JORDAN 4“ Laser“ and ask them selfs why a popular model such as the Air Jordan 4 is being slept on. If you didn't read the title and just jumped right in to the description because you love the way I write these descriptions and you guessed the AIR JORDAN 4 "Laser" was a goodcop, than you guessed Correctly!. @Kanyrod and @meechfrois give the Air Jordan 4 "laser" a goodcop Simply because of the details on this shoe is spectacular!!! Also in this episiode of the @gcbcshow the GOODCOP BADCOP Bros have a discussion on why has a popular model, such as the Air Jordan 4 new color ways have been slept on. With the release of the Air Jordan 4 alternate 89 and Colorways being submerged every day, we wage are opinion why this is happening!!! Don't forget to subscribe, Like and comment.Let us know what you liked about the video. What verdict do you give the Air max 95 Greedy? Did you cop them? Are you excited for the Air jordan 1 what the’s? Maybe to Release in the summer of 2016.

  • cool.

  • nice video dude, i never liked those lasers

  • Mod

    1. The price was CRAZY high retail.
    2. the Vac-Tech portion of the uppers was super lame. Killed the stitched overlay aspect that helps make the Air Jordan IV ...the Air Jordan IV.
    3. The lasering pattern was random. The '05 Lasers captured all the AJ silhos released through that point in time, so it made sense. Not the case with these.
    4. The leather on both pairs of '05s is Aaaaamaaaaaziiiiiing. It KILLS the leather on these new jawns.
    5. Both '05 IVs Also directly represented OG colorways: Fire Red and Black Cement. So while they had leather wings, lasering and some altered color placement (Black Lasers with Grey heels instead of black, etc.), they did a solid job of honoring originals which made them all the more easier to like.

    I took no issues with the icy sole. That was a unique tough, similar to the 3M tongue patch and worked well on that colorway.
    But on the real, I've passed up SEVERAL DS pairs of these in the $130-150 range. They're too white for me and damn if that VacTech aint' some kinda nasty. Just can't do it.

    Y'all stay pretty positive on the vids, and I totally appreciate that. Part of what makes collectors more scrutinizing like I tend to be is having seen The Air Jordan line at its best, its peak...then see it decline and go off the rails, then try to come back on point but not without crazy ass colorways and major price increases, so the view from here just isn't so glass half full. But I always take a look at what's next cuz sometimes, a gem drops like 2015 Bordeauxs and Aquas, several of the 1s from last year etc. etc.

  • Nice post man, I still got my lazer 4s size 13 deadstock getting ready for summer16

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