Adidas Yeezy 350 "Pirate Blacks"

  • Was wondering if anyone that has an authentic pair can do a Legit check on these.. Want to be positive that these are authentic before dropping cash on them.

    Thanks, 5_1457583293723_IMG_7156.JPG 4_1457583293723_IMG_7155.JPG 3_1457583293722_IMG_7152.JPG 2_1457583293722_IMG_7151.JPG 1_1457583293722_IMG_7150.JPG 0_1457583293722_IMG_7149.JPG

  • Looks legit to me. You see how the insole has the imprint on it? Fakes don't have that on it. But the way to really tell is when you receive it. The sneaker should have some weight on it. You'll just know it's real. Good luck!

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