Official Sneaker Preference Thread! Share Your G.O.A.T Sneaker

  • Whether it be your on-court shoe or your going-out swag, tell me what's at the top of your sneaker totem pole. This is a study I'm conducting to find out what you guys like best in order to apply it to my upcoming footwear release.

    Simply copy and paste and fill in the blanks:

    High, mid, or low top?

    Material? (leather, knit, textiles, synthetic leather "PU", etc.)

    Color way? (2 main colors + 1 accent color)

    Sole color? (ice blue, red, gum, etc.)

    Round or flat laces?

    And in the words of Uncle Snoop Dogg - Favorite shoe of all time? (regardless of your answers above)

    Appreciate it
    -Brogue Footwear

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