Kobe Elite High 11???

  • I have two questions that I'm hoping have simple answers:

    Will there be a high top version of the kobe 11 released or is that style going away for now?

    If yes, has Nike ever allowed you to customize the high version of kobe's?

    My elite 9's are starting to wear out and I'm wondering if I should just get whatever colorway I can find left in the elite 10's or wait until I can do my own on a 11. Thanks for your help!

  • don't care about a high. i am a midget. like the xi. have purple n asg! bruce lee n i think i am done with kb xi if we are not getting a playoff

  • Power Users

    1. No, there won't be a high to the Kobe 11; this is it.

    2. No, Nike hasn't allowed you to customize the elite versions if the Kobe.

  • Thanks! I ended up going with a customized Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 because of traction concerns with the Kobe 10 and no high being available in the 11.

  • not a fan of highs anyway

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