Shoes that give you certain feelings

  • Is it me or does anybody else get mixed feelings from shoes? Like looking at a pair will make you angry af or when they sit in one place for too long you just get that irritated feeling? :trollface:

    Share some experiences similar to these. I wanna hear everybody's thoughts on shoes nowadays and how they make y'all feel. :

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    I can't say that I've experienced anything like that. Do they make you angry for a specific reason? Do the colors trigger something?

    Several pairs take me back to times in my life, though. I might feel a certain way about a shoe based on memories linked to it.

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    My favorite shoes are the Foamposites. They look so futuristic, have some sweet grooves and design and some colorways look "metalish" like the Coppers and Pewters. I always get complimented on my Foams everywhere I go when I wear them. I love my Foams and was at the point of being obsessed with them. Only thing that really pisses me off is how Nike is producing too many colorways and how more and more people are getting on the band wagon and many of them just want to resell. I remember certain Foams sitting on shelves like the 2010 Pearls and Cough Drops. I easily copped the 2011 Royals, and now those babies are going on ebay for $360-460 new. I really wish I could cop 2nd pair though.

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    I always think of the journey. If I had to save for a long time for a sneaker, or if I ended up selling a sneaker and acquiring it a second time realizing how much I appreciated it. There's a story for a majority of the sneakers I've purchased

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    somehow.. the rose 1.5 captures me...

    basically those are the shoes that seemed to be made for me. casual or playing ball, they 'fit' me perfectly

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    Personally I've become numb (and I thing some others as well) to the "feelings" aspect of pickups. While we still do have the feeling of anticipation, once the shoe is in hand, it's already on to the next. This also has factors - the way it's retroed, if it's done right, materials, little details (direction of jumpman), etc. Not saying I'm a nitpicker but sometimes the smallest of details that aren't present can throw off the entire shoe. Guess what I'm saying is if you're going to do a retro, do a true retro. Nostalgia is still present, but it's not always the same.

  • I always attach sneakers to experiences that I had in them.

  • My all time favorite pair of sneakers are the Olive 9's. Those are my holy grails. I don't wear them often but when I do it's an amazing feeling. lmao

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    @st0psuckiiinm3 Olive 9s? Damn, to me it was the least appealing 9s lol

    To each his/her own though.

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