Welcome to the new Sole Collector!

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    Welcome to Sole Collector Forums! We have completely redesigned and reimagined our platform to deliver a more robust and intimate experience for you.

    On the forum side, just some of the new features and changes to the forum include:

    • Interface. Enjoy the new look, which includes a blazing fast engine (powered by NodeBB), simplified interface, and advanced search. It is now easier than ever to find the topics you want.
    • Categories. We have restructured our forums (called "categories") to simplify and consolidate topics. Note that content from our old site has moved to the Archive, which will be accessible indefinitely. Due to the size of migration, old content has been removed so we can start fresh on the new platform.
    • Chat. Check out the dedicated chat feature, which allows you to interact with any member, instantly. If you chat with a member who isn't online, it will send you an email.
    • Usergroups. The return of usergroups to the site allows for grouping of members based on interest.
    • Attachments. Attachments allow for easy upload of any files to a topic. We've also integrated YouTube and Soundcloud into every topic - just post the link and embedding is automatic.
    • Tags. You now have the ability to select and create tags for every topic, allowing for easy searching and browsing of common topics.

    We'd love to hear your feedback directly in this thread, and would be happy to answer any questions. Please be sure to read our How-To guide here for information on additional functionality.

    Thank you for continuing to be part of the Sole Collector community!

  • While I do enjoy the new look, there's so much white that it kinda strains my eyes.

    Btw, I had an issue logging in with my other account. On the top right where your search/chat/profile stuff is it just kept saying "logging in". So I just made a new account.

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    @Nawzlew Try logging in with your email instead of your username. See if that works.

  • @MJO23DAN said:

    @Nawzlew Try logging in with your email instead of your username. See if that works.

    Tried that and still had the issue (used both IE and Chrome btw).

    It's all good though.

  • Admin

    @Nawzlew What is the username for the other account you tried to access originally?

  • Diggin the look and speed so far.

  • The marketplace doesn't open properly on my phone since you redesigned the site

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    @cholly said:

    The marketplace doesn't open properly on my phone since you redesigned the site

    What is the error? Do you have a screenshot?

  • Admin

    @cholly Thanks, we'll take care of this bug shortly.

  • Its not possible to bring back our post count and our feedback? Worked pretty hard to achieve that 300+ feedback and reputation on the old ISS/SC and now I'm back to newb status?

  • Cant "edit" my post right now but thought of something else... there's not much separation between user name/avatar and the post, is that what the new look is going for? We're not going to have the old counters and original join date back up?

    Thats it for now...

  • We're going to bring in more OG info soon. For now, just had to get the platform up so we could continue building from there.

    Hard to understand what went on behind the scenes but it was a really big move getting to this point and we're not done yet... that much you can count on!

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    @teemasuoka Like spoonwire said...coming soon!

  • Sounds good guys.

  • love the new layout so far! clean

  • ...what happened to all the old topics and posts?

    Honestly, if everything from the original forums has been gone and deleted, then I'll probably stop visiting. It was awesome to look back to posts from like 2011 and see how the game changed, and as a photographer I loved looking at everyone's work from over the years. If all that's gone then I'll probably be gone too, which would be a shame since I've been on here since '09 when I was 15.

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    @quitefunkyfresh Fear not, all the content is still available on our Archive. Because we moved to a new platform, we are unable to migrate the content over as-is, but the posts will be retained indefinitely there. Let me know if that addresses it or you have any issues accessing your posts.

  • hello

    when will the buy and sell section be fixed
    it has major bugs
    i'm getting the same screen like the other member posted in the buy and sell section

  • Admin

    @hjonaj It's in the works and should be fixed soon. Are you facing any issues on your desktop, or just mobile?

  • Looks much more modern, but I am pretty upset how it doesn't show our original join date.

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