"NIKE AIR" True Blue 3 2016 Vs. "NIKE AIR" Maroon 6 2015 - GOODCOP BADCOP

  • "NIKE AIR" True Blue 3 2016 Vs. "NIKE AIR" Maroon 6 2015 - GOODCOP BADCOP

    On this episode of GOODCOP BADCOP, the two brothers from Boston address the sneaker Game About the most SLEPT ON SHOE OF 2015.
    The AIR JORDAN RETRO MAROON 6 re-released for the first time since 1991 and they sat on shelves in stores. The sneaker community doesn't know if nike over stocked stores with the Jordan Brand retros or if the consumers really slept on the pair. Sneakerheads all over the world should of gone bat bananas crazy over the sneaker because it was the first time nike released the shoe with the OG Nike Air logo on the back. @kanyrod and @meechfrois give the verdict of MOST SLEPT ON SHOE OF 2016.
    They also reassure you that if you indeed did sleep on the Maroon 6 you are for sure not that bright of a person.

    At the end of they episode the GoodCopBadCop Brothers explain their inspiration for the video, which was the announcement that the AIR JORDAN RETRO TRUE BLUE 3 would be released on BLACK FRIDAY 2016. They go on to say that the AIR JORDAN RETRO TRUE BLUE 3 is A MUST COP. A GOOD COP, and if you don't cop you MUST BE BAT BANANA'S CRAZY.
    Are you going to try to cop when they release again?
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    We are two brothers from Boston MA, that happen to like sneakers.

    Find out why it's a GOODCOP or a BADCCOP!!



  • How was it the most slept on shoe if it's sold out? Also how can you give the most slept on shoe of 2016 when the year isn't over yet ? And HELL YEA I'm getting to true blue IIIs ! In October !

  • Maroons still sitting in europe and they have multiple restocks.
    Slept on dunno maybe or the 6 is not that popular over here or it was a really big stock.

    Anyway holiday 2016 gonna be mad!
    True Blue is a must have and hopefully i can get 2 pairs :)
    Same goes for the Space Jams

  • maroons!!

  • am i the only one who really would love to see a true blue III wizards P.E. hit the shelves????

  • yes you are

  • Maroon 6s!!

  • Mod

    I had my size in hand at the local shop a couple days after the drop and just hellll naaah. Not for $220. The back was Durabuck, the main upper was LOW Grade shit leather leaving the only legit quality leather on the whole shoe the "3" overlays on the sides. That's it.

    The NIKE A I R was also not OG stitched, just too thin and spaced out (went home and looked at my '91 and '00 pairs of Infrareds, confirming this).
    The milky sole was also hella weird but I could've gotten over that if JB didn't take a dump on 93% of the upper materials and still charge $30 more than the standard rate for other retros (save of the J1, of course).

    They sat a while but no WAY you can call a sold out sneaker "slept on." They didn't downgrade em to outlets within a couple months cuz they never sat that long.

    Only thing I could say is this: If they dropped em for $170, the price of the last pair of VI retros I purchased (Carmines), I could've somewhat overlooked the shitty uppers and weird outsoles but for that extra $50, it was eeeeasy to keep those funds in my pocket.

    I AM looking forward to this year's TB IIIs and have no clue what that has to do with Maroons that dropped a mere few months ago but again, if the leather isn't at least at White Cement IV '16 standards, I'll pass, put new N.A. tabs and midsoles on my '01s that have flawless, butter leather uppers and call it good.

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    Here's my in-hand, objective take on the Maroon VI which were on shelf my size. I'm just glad I didn't buy em online and open up a box to discover how poor the uppers really are. At least making that decision to pass spared me the hassle of returning em.

    MAROON VI In-Hand 1 min. review

  • Neither is a bad cop. CLASSICS!

  • bad cop llike the maroons WAYYYY better

  • Those is nice

  • Any OG III over anything ...else...ever.

  • Power Users

    TB 3s!

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