Why have shoe prices gone so high up?

  • I dont understand how basketball shoes have just gone up in prices year after year. ive been buying under armour cause they get the job done and have nice looking shoes for almost half the price. i would like to buy more nike shoes player models but they just got to expensive. like the kobe 8s going for 130 now the 11s for 200?? thats ridiculous. they are even almost the same exact shoe.

  • Yeah i dont understand why. Its mainly because of the resale market.

  • Shoe technology plus inflation plus people will pay the price

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    somewhat due to consumers paying that price in the aftermarket. At this point the companies have consumers by the neck because, some shoes are still selling out at that price point. Until we as a whole stop it's going to continue to increase

  • newer technology and the resale market have be huge factors. i also think that theyre trying to get the most out of the contracts that theyre signing the athletes to.

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    There are good models out there you can get for decent prices like some Team Jordans, the Kobe Venomenon or Kyrie's signature model. You'll pay a premium for the big signature athletes and Jordan retros but it's just the brand taking advantage of your wallet these days.

  • I think for Jordan's specifically it's the excuse of jb using "better quality materials" hence the price raise on the mastered shoes for example..

  • Dude, shoes in general are high. Try to find a pair of slip on loafers for under 100$.

    We're talking about high-end casual wear when we speak of Air Jordans. The only thing those shoes have to do with basketball in 2016 is the history. It's fashion, and if you don't put that "they're just sneakers" spin on it, it's easy to not only understand the current price, but also understand that they can be (and will be) a hell of a lot higher than they are now.

  • thats true

  • Cuz Jordan rather take the profit resellers making, resellers barly even make money now a days

  • In nyc it's crazy.. Places are getting cut off from Jordan's due to the prices getting out of hand

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  • I wonder that as well. They have not improved the technology in the retros at all nor the materials(in most). Just seems super inflated nowadays.

  • Resale market

  • I think it was inevitable, but you see with the price tag on the 17s and no one bought them

  • Everything is going up. Supply & demand is of course a factor. Give it up to you guys paying the $200+ I dnt see that in my future for Js. When GS hits that mark it's a wrap for me especially considering we (GS) don't get half the the things you guys get... no cards, paper & box different & difference in details. Smh. The way i buy Js... 2 & 3 cops a month, the current price is enough. What retail price do you refuse to pay on a regular?

  • higher prices equals less profit for resellers

  • Price of materials and labor has changed so we're taxed for it. Although, they say the quality of the material was much better when the shoes initially released, but I can't vouch for that because I'm a recent sneaker enthusiast.

  • its all about resellers bro, when the resellers come into play the prices rise up. Great Thread though

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  • Greed, I honestly think the prices are nowadays are unjustifiable

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