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    Welcome to Sole Collector Forums!

    Profiles & Settings
    One of the most important things to initiate when browsing Sole Collector Forums is to create an identity by registering and setting up your profile. To access your profile, click the circle next to the 0_1455838096202_navbar-chat.JPG icon. From here, you can also select your online status as well as logout. Click your username to proceed to the profile menu and "edit" your profile details, upload your avatar, change your email and change your password. Links are allowed in the signature field but images are not.

    Within a profile, you can also upload a cover photo. Please be cordial when selecting photos. Nudity, graphic & racist images are never allowed.

    In the profiles area, you can personalize your settings. This includes setting a homepage whenever you visit the forums, browser settings, privacy, email, follow, groups, pagination, notifications & language.


    The navigation bar is used to jump to specific areas areas of the forums.

    0_1455838257219_navbar-categories.JPG - The categories icon is used to redirect you to the main index of the forums. You can also achieve this by clicking the "S Forums" logo.

    0_1455838288322_navbar-inbox.JPG - The box icon is where all your unread topics are found.

    0_1455838319400_navbar-faq.JPG - The buoy vector icon is where you can read the FAQ of the forums.

    0_1455838348233_navbar-rules.JPG - The list icon is where you can read the Rules of the forums.

    0_1455838373364_navbar-recent.JPG - The clock icon is where you can read all the recent topics since your last visit.

    0_1455838393729_navbar-tags.JPG - The tags icon is where you can search a specific or personal tag of yours within the forums.

    0_1455838412161_navbar-popular.JPG - The flame icon is where you can read the most popular discussion topics within the forums.

    0_1455838433914_navbar-users.JPG - The user icon is where you can search for a specific username as well as see who is online, a top poster, or who has the most reputation within the forums.

    0_1455838456062_navbar-groups.JPG - The groups icon is where you can search and/or apply for usergroups.

    0_1455838479236_navbar-search.JPG - The magnifying glass icon is where you can do basic and advanced searches within the forums.

    0_1455838504838_navbar-notifications.JPG - The bell icon is where you can view all your personal notifications. This includes recent activity and replies to discussions you're following.

    0_1455838527527_navbar-chat.JPG - The chat feature is where you can initiate a chat with another user of the forums. If they are unavailable, they will receive a chat notification via email or the next time they log onto the forums. Chats can be archived for up to 3 months.

    How To Post a Topic
    0_1455838576297_new-topic-button.JPG - To create a new topic, click new topic and follow the on-screen instructions.


    Some new features in topics are thumbnails. You can now create a custom thumbnail next to your topic in the forums. To create a thumbnail, select the 0_1455838725740_custom-thumbnail-button.JPG icon and you can either paste the url of the image or upload one. If you choose not to create a custom thumbnail, the default image next to the topic will be your avatar.

    There is a whole new way to use emojis. You can select emojis within a post by selecting the smiley face icon. Many emojis use words that are enclosed with colons.

    How To Post Links, Images & YouTube
    URLs in posts are automatically activated so it's easier than ever to share your favorite links. If you would like to hotlink a set of words or a single word, highlight your text and drop the url within the parenthesis so it reads [ your words here ] (url) - with no spaces in between.

    If you would like to post an image within a post, the shortcut is ! [alt] (link) - with no spaces in between or you can upload an image by using the 0_1455838785791_upload-button.JPG icon.


    If you would like to post a YouTube video, simply drop the link within a post and the link will convert to an embedded video. The same methodology applies to music and Soundcloud.

    Editing Posts
    If you would like to edit your post once it has been submitted, navigate to the 0_1455838759436_three-dots-button.JPG icon and click edit.

    Replies & Reputation
    To reply or quote an individual, navigate to their post and select reply. If you reply or quote a user's individual post, it will automatically tag (@) them so that they see your response. Reputation points are up arrows you can give someone if you like their post. Down arrows for when you dislike their post. Reputation points are totally anonymous and but can give credibility to the user. Reputation points can be seen through your profile.

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