Concord 11s

  • Hi, I got these yesterday and I'm getting a whole lot of mixed thoughts on their legitimacy. Just trying to make sure everything is in order. The photos are too large to upload directly here, so they can be found here:

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    Those are fake . The date stamping is too close in production months for this time as well as the non-yellowing around the pods of the outsoles.

  • Alright, thank you

  • fake.

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    @MJO23DAN They look totally legit to me sure? I don't see one thing off about em from the box to the tag, sticker on the insole, the yellowing on the soles is appropriate, shape is fine... I don't see any flaws that would indicate unauthorized fake.

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    @DRUMattX I'm going off the pair I copped on NDC in 2011. To add to my statement, the ball of the Jumpman does not fall between the 2 and 3. It falls below that line. Also, the ankle medial side of each shoe should be just a tad higher than the lateral if you look from the back. Lastly, my NDC pair didn't have the Nike Air black sticker.

    2_1459899742439_image.jpeg 1_1459899742438_image.jpeg 0_1459899742437_image.jpeg

  • Owner here. I got them additionally LC'd at a local shop and they said they're more than likely legit or perfect fakes. They did mention that the 23 was out of line, but they've seen pairs that have been minorly out of line, not sure what to make of it. They said the sticker did make them extremely suspicious though and advised me to contact and ask Nike (makes no sense to me honestly). Nike said some boxes did ship with stickers (I honestly doubt it) and not to worry about it. No one mentioned anything about the ankle thing you mentioned and I'm not sure what that means personally.

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    @xSniiPeZ I actually bought 2 pairs off NDC and the dates weren't that close. The sticker at the bottom of the box does concern me but that ball between the 2 and 3 is usually what sneaker consignment shops traditionally look for.

  • @MJO23DAN Yeah I understand. Not sure what to believe at this point lol. I'll just keep them around and see where they take me.

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    @xSniiPeZ I would agree with that shop's assessment. We have to keep in mind that when the details are different by mere millimeters or even fractions of (ball height, for instance) that not only does shoe size play into it but so does the fact that likely about half a million to a million or pairs were produced, which will result in variances pair to pair. Let alone, I haven't trusted JB's quality control in Many years and 2011 was Wrought with issues. Hell the Black Cement 3s that year looked like B/C grades even direct from Nike like the pair I bought (and quickly sold off cuz they looked SO horrific) so consistency was not (and to a large degree still Is not) Jordan Brand's strong suit.

    In looking at the embroidered left shoe's Jumpman, I can see what Marv means about the ball height but the way in which it's embroidered is nearly identical in every way to his pair otherwise: the depth of it sunk into the Durabuck panel, the spacing above and beside the neoprene 23 panel and the PL mudguard, the fingers, the laces, the back curve, ball size and head, etc. etc. It looks like it came from the same machine that made his pair. That's pretty key as usually something is off about the Jumpman alone on nearly any fake pair.
    So even though the ball appears to be ever so slightly lower than the spacing in the digits, it's not dramatically off.
    Bottom line is, I wouldn't be afraid to keep those either and I'd actually be worried that parting with them for the low could be parting with a totally legit pair that you may not get back for a deal in the future.

    Wild ride figuring out this pair though! I can understand the skepticism on all sides with this one.

    alt text

  • Yeah, I realized all that comes into effect after seeing the detail people look into. I appreciate this forum a lot though, great place to be.

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