Official Mall Walker Mafia Thread

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    Welcome to the Official Mall Walker Mafia thread

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    Oldies stomping ground, for the mature sneaker enthusiast


    Oldies rule of conduct
    Before coming in and posting, here are some helpful tips to make your transition into the dopest, realest thread on the forum an enjoyable experience for the people who call this home and yourself:

    1. Reading is fundamental - Read up on some of the past pages to get the tone of the conversations. We're old, but we talk fast! Understand that we don't talk to increase our swag or street cred, we talk to share and connect with the people in this thread. Read up!

    2. The importance of foreplay - The myth is true! Do not attempt to just jam yourself in here and expect a smooth response. Take the time to get to know us before expecting any kind of response from us. First impressions count for something, so take the time to introduce yourself properly. We would like to know who we are dealing with, before throwing out e-hugs to anyone and everyone. Being old is not a qualification!

    3. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today - You'll notice that the Oldies are a band of brothers and sister who take care of each other! We look out for each others interests and jump at the opportunity to help each other out. No good deed goes unrewarded, as we always recognize the ones who go out of their way to help a fellow Oldie without any expected return. So, taking all this into consideration, please do not expect any favors from anyone if you don't even take the time to get to know the people in this group. And if you do happen to be lucky enough to have someone help you out of the kindness of their own heart, please remember to thank them properly and sincerely and make sure you return the favor. We do not burn each other in MWM. EVER!!!!!!!! Recognize!!!

    4. All MWM Members must be active not just in here but also in the Forums. I know most of us are already, but we must stay that way. We are a UG, so we must go out and contribute to the forums. Let's face it, being old we have knowledge. So go drop it.

    5. Appearance and Public Sight. Very, very, very important. When you are out in the forums you are the face of MWM. Therefore how you act reflects directly on us a group. If you make a bad name or are acting incorrectly you will be removed from the UG immediately. No questions asked. If you think you may be doing this pm either myself or Chris(Shooter) and we will let you know.

    No Flaming of any kind. Be respectful or suffer the consequences

    Pics or it didn't happen

    All Forum Rules apply in here

    True Oldies

    "Resident Psycopath / Captain"
    Name: Mike
    Location: Philly
    Top 3 favorite sneaker: WTD's, Medi 2, OG Fire Red IV

    Name: Chris
    Location: Montreal
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan XI Space Jam, Nike Air Penny 1, adidas adiZero Rose 1.0

    "eye_projekt - Honorary OG"
    Location: Toronto
    Fav Sneakers: Jordan V and all that he owns

    "Sir Missed A Lot"
    Name: Jay
    Location: Long Island
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan Quai IX, OG Powder IX, Florida Gators Zoom Huarache

    We Are Ninja
    "THE Big Footer"
    Name: Jon
    Location: Texas
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Air Jordan XVI, Nike Shox VC III, Adidas Garnett III

    "Mr. TX"
    Name: Jesse
    Location: Texas
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan Playoff XII, Jordan XI Space Jam, Jordan Olympic VI

    "The Rarest"
    Name: Pun
    Location: Bay Area, Ca
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Black/Pink Yeezy's, Jordan Snakeskin XI, Jordan Columbia XI

    "The Sock God"
    Name: Martin
    Location: Berlin
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan Infrared VI, Jordan Raptors VII, Adidas Supernatural Creators

    Name: Vannary
    Location: Seattle
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Nike Air Maxes, Asics GL III, Jordan IV

    Kikn N Skatn
    "Boner Stabone"
    Name: Freddy
    location: Texas
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan IV, J-RODS, Entourage AF1

    "the bow-tie assassin"
    Name: Jesus
    Location: Texas
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan XIV Indiglos, 1999 Nike Uptempos Teal colorway, Jordan Concord XI

    Name: Mike
    Location: Maryland (born and raised in NY)
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan XI, Jordan XII, Jordan III

    "Foamposite Czar"
    Name: Chuck
    Location: Maryland/DC
    Top favorite sneakers: Nike Air Foamposite, Lebron 8, Jordan IV

    Name: Darryl
    Location: VanCity
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan IV, Jordan XI, Air Penny 1

    Name: Deo
    Location: Texas
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Air Jordan III Series.Nike Zoom Kobe IV.Kobe 8 System

    Name : Mark
    Location: New Jersey
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Nike KBZIV MLK , Fire Red AJ III, Tmac 2

    "Cali Chris"
    Name: Chris
    Location: California
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan XI Columbia, Jordan XII Obsidian, Nike Air Barrage

    "Rey Rey"
    name: Rey
    Location: Texas
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Nike Atmos Cement AM1, Concord XI, Playstation AF1

    name: Brian
    location: DMV
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Air Penny 1, LeBron 2, Nike TR1

    Name : Quinne
    Location Tampa FL
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Bred XI, Bred IV, Air Max 90s

    Boba Fett
    "Son of a Jango"
    Name: Alex
    Location: Parts unknown
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Nike Roshe Run, Jordan III, Air Max 87

    "Super Beard"
    Name: Calvin
    Location: Minnesota
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan III White Cement, Air Max 95 Comets, Jordan VI Carmine

    "Mr. Sig-Too-Long"
    Name: Matt
    Location: Portland
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: OG Jordan VI, XI & VIII Black&Red/Playoffs + almost any Nike Air Burst

    Name: Andy
    Location: Nothern Virginia
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Nike Air Maxes, Supreme Dunk Lows (1st series), Jordan XI Space Jam

    "Tony Diamonds"
    Name: Tony
    Location: California
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Tiffany Dunk SB, Jordan Black Cement III, any all-suede Vans Half Cab

    "Needs a better nickname"
    Name: urriah
    Location: Philippines
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: adias Rose 1.5, adidas Rose 2, Nike Zoom Kobe V

    "Les Miserables"
    Name: Guillaume
    Location: Paris
    Top 3 favorite sneakers: Jordan III, Nike Air Raid, Nike Air Max 95


    "Mr 20000 posts"
    Location: San Francisco
    Top 3 favorite shoes: Jordan XII, Jordan I, Jordan XI


  • Mod

    Bang Bang oldie moldies

  • MWM

    blame me for the format... havent figured it out yet... tim, steve, holler at me so i can put your descriptions!!

  • honestly don't walk in malls like I used to when I was a kid

  • Mod

    @TrueFaqs are you implying that you're still not quite old enough to get what Mall Walkers are? :older_man: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: :joy:

  • MWM

    still cant figure out how to format text hahahaha

    hows the weekend matt, truefaqs??? me and the family had a long one and spent it in Bagiuo (a quite popular vacation spot in the philippines).. it was quite cold hehehe0_1456710935833_12790883_10205661334038182_8721930313674376249_n[1].jpg

  • Mod


  • I was wondering where this thread was.. i just thought that this forum was dead... which it kind of is.

    What info did you need, urriah?

    This new layout really shows how dead SC has become now because threads arent even being touched or made haha. Its kind of sad. New layout should increase the use but this one seems to just have deterred users.

  • MWM

    demmit... still cant post in chrome android :(

    hows the weekend old farts!!

  • MWM

    @teemasuoka just some descriptions i can put in the first post tim

  • MWM

    so.. I managed to create a UG.. but the older members need to contact me so I can add them.. I added you guys already so lemme know if you need any help

  • City: San Francisco
    Favorite shoes (silouette): Jordan XII, Jordan I & Jordan XI

  • MWM

    woohoo!!! Matt and Tony-verse headlining the spotlight woohoo!!!

  • MWM

    calvin is having teething fever at the moment :-1: sucks... :(

    hows your week guys?

  • Man the forums are so garbage since the update. Nothing even moves and seems like it drove a lot of people away. Pretty sad.

    I hate how when I read an article and I want to click back to the previous page it just goes back to the previous image URL. If i scroll down 20 pictures and I click the page back button it just goes up a picture haha. The set up before was much easier on the eyes and to find things. my 300+ feedback too =(

  • Mod

    @teemasuoka Feedback and post counts REALLY need to come back, Tim. It's pretty awful not having those. MP is still old school style last I checked too.

    The update took a very long time to get off the ground and as much as I like it, I'm not seeing a lotta folks wanting to learn how to get around in the new set up, given how dormant the forums were already, before the update.

    It's just one of them things I guess...

  • Everytime I want to goo to the forums it gets a new popup, dont see why it cant be redirected. I understand theyre fixing all the kinks but thought it would be pretty functional and updated like the last update when (I think) "Stuart" worked on it. Im use to the drop down function leading to each subforum but the bubble thing is a little easier.

    Things we need are: join date, post count, feedback. Those things were basically earned and respected.

    I cant believe how dead the forums are. I wish it was back to how it was several years ago but people transitioned to an easier social media network, which i understand. Sole Collector needs to bring back an event and bring back the community and chat of the forums. People probably think SC is just a shoe news site and dont know about the forum. I dont even know why SC twitter or SC Instagram havent even tried to promote the forums.

  • MWM

    lets give em some time... the log in works and doesnt in my case (chrome desktop).. sometimes its there, sometimes just the nike mags... weird

  • Mod

    @urriah I get the same thing...have to hit refresh almost every time I go to the login screen to get the damn log in box to pop up.

  • Hows everything going... Ive picked up a few shoes since Ive last posted but havent had time to post pictures.

    Got the Adidas Monochrome NMDs, Adidas Tubulars, Copper 17s. I think that's all. The copper 17s really hurt the bank but I probably wont pick up Jordans until the Flu Games in the end of May.

  • MWM

    need some NMDs... especially the OG, crazy how that didnt generate as much hype as the next cws... yet its the best looking one

    17s look really good Tim :up:

    my calvin approved pick up... he was playing with the box at the back hehehe 0_1460521727584_20160409_133632[1].jpg

    and good lawd is it hot in the philippines right now.

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