Michael Jordan / Shaqnosis 1995

  • Hi - way back in the 90's while I lived in L.A., a friend of mine worked on a lot of commercials. One day she brought me a pair of these zebra striped Reeboks and said they were created just for a Michael Jordan Dorito's commercial she worked on. She brought them home from the set. They are size 13, which is Jordan's shoe size.

    Now I'm doing a little research and find they were released as "Shaqnosis" shoes in 1995, which was when I got these. Does anyone know if they're worth anything, or any other information on them? thanks!

    I don't have a photo link for them, but they're the last post on my tumblr.
    [http://fan-collector-geek.tumblr.com/](link url)

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