Documentary Subjects Wanted for Foot Locker Film

  • Hi everyone,

    I hope nobody has a problem with me posting this here.

    I've been approached by Foot Locker to make a mini-documentary for their 'Generations' series. They're looking for stories about families of Sneakerheads; you don't necessarily have to have a huge collection of shoes, but definitely something interesting to say about why you love sneakers, your first pair, any athletes or celebs that inspire you (e.g. Jordan), etc etc.

    You don't have to be an actual family, there just needs to be a bit of an age gap between the 2 subjects. Could be a teenage girl and her oldest brother (large family), or a teenage boy and his sports coach, for example. So long as the older person plays a role in the life of the younger, and of course you both share a passion for sneaker culture. What they're trying to show is that there might be a generation gap when it comes to taste in music, clothes, etc, but sneakers are a unifying force that crosses generations.

    The films will be around 3-5 minutes long, and shown globally from August.
    We aim to offer at least some pay, TBC depending on final budget/location.

    NB Foot Locker are particularly looking for people from UK/Europe and JAPAN, although it's a global brief so if you think you'd be right for this then by all means get in touch.

    Many thanks!


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