Kobe Byant Prototype Shoes Questions

  • I have some friend that has a pair of Kobe Byant Prototype Shoes that they are probably going to have me sell for them and I was hoping someone could answer some questions. I am not a shoe collector but I have a thrift store and have had a few small collections of Jordan's over the years. These are prototypes are a outdoor basketball shoe that was released in China. The writing on the shoes are the daye it was approved and signed by the project manager. He got the shoes as a present from one of the people that worked on the project.

    Do you think there will be a market for these shoe here in the U.S. or will they probably be sold to a collector in China since they were released there?

    What price range do you think they would sell for on eBay? Is there a better place other than eBay to sell them?

    If anyone has questions I will try my best to answer them. Any help is appreciated.
    0_1494198812132_20170423_130511.jpg 0_1494198824664_20170423_130519.jpg 0_1494198835508_20170423_130527.jpg 0_1494198844866_20170423_130541.jpg 0_1494199067099_20170423_130547.jpg 0_1494199081031_20170423_130558.jpg 0_1494199094948_20170423_130604.jpg 0_1494199120125_20170423_130629.jpg 0_1494199129693_20170423_130639.jpg 0_1494199147433_20170423_130623.jpg

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    @Schmukie Hey there. Tough to tell as there isn't a way to price samples or player exclusives on the resell market. Our best bet is to list them on eBay to get a "feel" for how much one is willing to buy it for.

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