Looking for the name of those Nike shoes

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    Hello! I saw those Nike shoes on a video, but I wasn't able to find the name of this model. If you have an idea please tell me, thanks!

  • air huarache, not sure of the exact model as there is the original style from 91 (and re-issues) r a few models where they have updated the technology, so they look very similar but are slightly different (and not huarache flight, or huarache trainer).
    But at a guess they are some colourway of the original air huarache (reissue).

  • hang on, in another thread you are asking about alternatives to huaraches... how then can you not know what these are?

  • Thanks for the hint! I just google Nike Huarache and I think I got it :

    (ps it's the only post i've made, charles... are generic usernames)

  • ahhhh... I just saw charles and a number, fair enough sorry, not paying attention.

  • No problem :)

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