Air jordan 10 black ovo

  • Hey guys! whatsupp?
    I found this lair of black ovo 10s for a steal but the price makes me wonder if the sneakers are even authentic or just really good UAs or fakes.
    It's a size 11 and he sair he only wore them once indoor to try them on but they were too big so he never wore them again.
    The other odd thing is that he doesn't have a receipt beaucause he bought them online, but can't find any email that confirms his purchase.
    Anyways here are the pics0_1492723647161_Screenshot_20170421-001809.png 0_1492723661069_Screenshot_20170421-001813.png 0_1492723676586_Screenshot_20170421-001818.png 0_1492723685001_Screenshot_20170421-001823.png 0_1492723691111_Screenshot_20170421-001827.png 0_1492723694857_Screenshot_20170421-001831.png 0_1492723699544_Screenshot_20170421-001809.png

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    You have a picture of the inside tag?

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