Adidas basketball trainer circa 1988-1991 with flipping tongue??

  • Hi all

    To be honest I have looking for this shoe since a lot of years with no success ever... it is about a basketball trainer which used to have flipping tongue with the adidas 3leaves logo in the front.. it is actually very similar to the Ectasy model, but obviusly it is not.. it is my all time favourite shoe but I have no clue what was its name?.. it was so beautiful
    ... i hope anyone could hel me ...many thanks

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    no idea as adidas not super familiar, jsut throwing out names...
    attitdute, instinct, el dorado, mutumbo, , centenial, decade, artillary, concord, conductor, forum...

    im sure many don't fit the bill of your description, just throughout all i can think of to look up and maybe give you some ideas.

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