Need Help Finding the Right Shoe!

  • Hey guys, I'm looking for a new shoe and since my expertise when it comes to shoes in general is very basic, I thought I'd make an account on this website to get the opinion of more well-versed individuals. What I'm looking for is a kind of active lifestyle shoe if that makes sense. Something I can walk to the park with but is also somewhat stylish enough so that I can wear elsewhere without it looking too "sporty". My price range for this shoe is really anything under 100 dollars and I don't plant to compromise that since I'm slightly stingy when it comes to stuff for myself. It would be nice if the shoe also would be durable and last me a long time but I also understand in my price range that may not occur. Some shoes I currently have in mind are the Nike Air Presto Essentials (they're currently on sale) as well as the Air Max Stefan Janoskis (also on sale). If anyone could give me some other recommendations on what to get I'd be very grateful. Thank you in advance!

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