Adidas UltraBoost Uncaged Question

  • I'm interested in the Ultraboost Uncaged but have never tried them on.

    I tried the PureBoost, size 12 and it was a perfect fit. It felt great and sold me on getting the Ultraboost. I really liked the room I had in the upper part of the shoe and it seems like the Uncaged is better for that. I tried on a pair of 10.5 Ultraboosts to feel the difference. It was a tight fit but each step had more comfort than the Pureboosts. Store reps told me to go with a size 12 in the Uncaged and I'd be good.

    Does it sound like a size 12 Uncaged Ultra Boost would be the way to go or should I go for a size 12 caged Ultra Boost?

    I'd mainly use them for lots of walking during the day, maybe running in them but not on the regular. I'm all for the luxury comfort feel.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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