Real vs fake nmd r1 (Long Post) lol

  • There are many different ways to tell if the shoes you bought are fake knock offs or not.
    Here is a comparison between nmd triple white PK and nmd white pk gum pack.
    Keep in mind, the triple white PK have been around since last year, and I have lost the box that come with it, and it may have signs of wear. I will make comparison based on the similar elements that i can compare from the 2 shoes.

    There are some difference in design between the PK triple white and the gum pack that you have to keep in mind, like the line below the laces, and the in-sole of the shoes.

    0_1487801556977_20170222_140606 (2).jpg

    They look very similar; the fake ones are dirty because I wear them quite a lot (not for flexing purposes), and do not care about them as much bcs they are fake; but the difference between the 2 are the material. The material in the real PK feels more solid, while the ones in the fakes have flimsy feel to it. When wearing the fakes, it almost feel like u r dragging the shoes with the upper material. The upper is very soft, and collapse easily, while the real ones more of a solid structure to it.

    The laces also come from a cheap laces that you can buy from ebay by the dozen for a dollar. The comfort was not really there either. The boost in the fake feels stiff.
    The fit collar in the fakes does not fit very well, as it constantly remind you that it is there when you walk, which is sometimes annoying, and may cause your ankle to itch from the friction it causes.

    0_1487802186330_20170222_140654 (2).jpg

    This particular fakes dont have dimples in their boost soles, compared to the dimples in the real pk that is well spaced out, and linear.

    0_1487802369278_20170222_140813_LI (3).jpg

    There are also some difference between the lego blocks. The block in the fake ones are a little indented towards the top

    0_1487802588362_20170222_140930 (2)_LI.jpg

    The lace holes of the fakes are made of some cheap rubber. They feel very cheap, almost like a strip of rubber that you cut and punch holes to it, and they are weak and easily torn. The difference might not be visible, but it is very clear up close. The ones in the originals looks like something solid that is covered and stichted with a synthetic rubber material. They feel very sturdy too compared to their fake counter parts.

    There are probably other differences that I cant tell, but these are the obvious difference that I can find between the real and the fake nmd PKs.

    Consider also, the PRICE
    I remember getting the pair of the fake pk for $100, which is almost half the price of most triple white pks are selling in ebay. The price alone should have raised some red flags, but me being curious decided to buy the shoes.

    and, the BOX that they came in

    The came in a very similar box, but if you look closely, the tag in the box have different numbers from the tag in the shoes, be it the style number or whatever, there will be something that does not match between the shoes and the box. Some box may come looking very beat up, but I think that is just the luck that you have with the courier.

    I hope this helps :)

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