kobe 11 "tinker Hatfield"

  • Pros-
    Everyday shoe
    Great support
    Flyknit mesh


    Kobe 11 Tinker Hatfield- Tinker hatfield is and probably will be one of the most respected in the sneaker world for his designs. This shoe he has designed is retailed at a pricey $200. the hype around him and the hype for his shoes never leave anyone speechless or in doubt. I think the nike Kobe 11 “tinker Hatfield” part of the muse pack lived up to the potential of everything in his name. The Kobes have a grey, red, black, and white colorway. Featuring the flyknit material around the shoe and what I say is shark teeth on the back of the shoe. Kobe is a huge Michael Jordan fan looking up to him as a child strongly.

    If Kobe the midsole cushioning to a full air max comfort instead of the half zoom and half air max, I would love this shoe a whole lot more. If you customize a Kobe 11 shoe you will have a choice for the cushion. I love this option but to get the cushion that I want would make it $20 dollars more, making the shoe $265 a price not many people would like to pay for. I do not like it.

    For a low top shoe, the support on your ankles and feet is crazy. I have never wore a low top shoe that I haven’t twisted my ankle in, and kobe's do a great job supporting your ankle even for this low top shoe. Kobe made the flyknit extra strong by putting what I think is fishing line into the net for even more strength.also, you can change the midsole by taking it out. I would give this shoe a 4 star rating out of 5 because of the cushioning, if you use this shoe for basketball, I would recommend you buy a insole to replace this one.

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