Bots vs You getting new Kicks. The solution.

  • Throwaway for obvious reasons.
    Hi. I've recently noticed that it gets harder and harder to get my hands on a pair of new sneakers.
    From what I understand - lots of people started using bots nowadays to swarm say the second the sales start.
    I started investigating out of frustration when I couldn't score a pair a month ago and I found out that most people who use bots use to solve the captchas for them.
    First I thought that DDoS would remedy the situation, but then I checked those russian cats - they don't play.
    They hunt down people who DDos and report them to authorities - they are well connected if you know what I mean.
    So I suggest working together for the upcoming release on february 11th and ping 2captcha to death!

    Just do this:
    type “cmd”
    type "ping -t" in the console
    repeat 5-10 times (should be quite enough)
    ask your friends to do the same

    The best thing - IT’S ABSOLUTELY LEGAL!
    This will yield the same result minus all the associated costs and headaches (especially legal) of DDoSing them + they wouldn't be able to track us - we come en masse and they can’t tell if we want to bring them down or simply check our connection!)
    Help spread this message to all your friends and colleagues whether into sneaker culture or not - together we are POWER!
    So spread the good word and increase your chances of scoring yeezy boost 350 V2 on february 11th!

  • @JawDrop so this is if you have a bot?

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