air jordan 13 retro low q54 "quai 54" HELP BOX

  • I am looking for a Original box (size 12) for air jordan 13 retro low q54 "quai 54"

    We recently moved and either the movers tried to steal a few pairs of shoes or "lost in transit" is the excuse I got.

    I keep my more valuable Jordan's in custom wood display box's for long term storage. (and they were not handled by the movers.)

    So fortunately I still have the shoes!

    I am wondering if there is a way to buy direct replacement box straight from nike/Jordan?
    I have tried a replacement label (they look fake).

    Anyone have had a situation similar like this? any suggestions on what you would do?

    I guess anyone reading this that has a q54 xiii box for size 12 I would love to buy!!

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