Question about a pair of Jordan's I bought a while back

  • Had a question i have a pair of shoes i used for my basketball league a couple years ago, Ive looked and tried to find out what they are and if they are real i loved them as you can see they were well worn and used. I put pictures can i ask what model jordans they are so I can find some more. I paid like 125 bucks for them from a ebay auction i just loved the color scheme and style and I cant find the auction on my account i purchased them from. TIA for any help I am hoping they are real so I can find some more but hearing about how many fakes are out there I'm doubtful. 3_1485493295366_20170126_204435.jpg 2_1485493295365_20170126_204424.jpg 1_1485493295365_20170126_204414.jpg 0_1485493295364_20170126_204407.jpg

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    terrible sir

  • looks like an old pair of jordan 6

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