Need Help Finding Old Pair of Jordans

  • Hi, I'm new here and not a huge sneaker head like you probably are, but I have a small collection going. I just wanted to see if anyone could help me find an old pair of Jordans I used to have. Around 2002-2006 I believe. They were UNC editions, and they were mismatched, or opposite colors. Both shoes were white leather, but one had navy blue suede with Carolina blue trim, and the other shoe was the opposite. Carolina blue suede with navy trim. One shoe had the shape of North Carolina on the bottom on the heel, and the other shoe had a patch of tar. People would ask if they were from two different pairs. I had a friend that had a pair in Bulls edition, same idea but red and black obviously. I've tried to find them everywhere but can't. I know they weren't one of the numbered pairs. Any help would be appreciated, if you have a picture or know what they're called thanks!

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    my best guess are these air jordan duece treys not sure of any online stores that carry them but your best bet is ebay alt text

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    google is your friend, ebay, and facebook

  • you think theyre the xx3's?

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